Our technology/ Overview
At the heart of what we offer is a sophisticated recommendations engine that connects relevant content with the right consumers.

Vizimo has a unique approach to recommendations that blends automated techniques, editorial recommendations and social recommendations to give consumers a definitive, personalised view of their media choices. We enable a coherent media guidance experience across TV, web and mobile, giving your customers simple and intuitive tools to discover and manage their media choices.

Vizimo’s recommendations platform
Vizimo’s recommendations platform

Unified Guidance: we can provide a basis for unifying guidance across mobile, web and set-top box and beyond, and can provide everything from enhancements to existing systems through to a full solution.

User Profiling: Vizimo offers the richest basis for profiling customer content interests at a content topic level; whereas the standard approach tends to rely on programme or genre level profiling, Vizimo's expertise in automated content analysis enables much more detailed identification of the topic areas that people are interested in. The user profiling capability ties in to Vizimo's recommendations engine and advertising engine and can integrate with third party systems.

Recommendations: our recommendations engine relies on our unique content analysis capability to enable the correlation of related content or, in conjunction with the user profiling capability, to identify content of interest to specific users.

Our recommendations technology is offered as an innovative web service, called V-TV, that enables partners easily to add Vizimo's recommendations and profiling capabilities to their services using a simple API (register your interest in this service).

Advertising: our core technology provides the basis for rich, targeted advertising. We have experience of applying this to deliver targeted adverts on web and mobile, and can work with partners to enable the intelligence gained at the guidance level to be used further downstream within the business.