About Vizimo/ Introduction

Powering personalisation

Vizimo is a leader in developing personalisation and discovery technology to help users navigate the overwhelming universe of content on TV, the web and mobile. We work with TV service providers and platform providers, mobile operators and publishers to create innovative solutions to the discovery problem.

How do we decide what to watch when we can watch anything? The most promising answer is personalisation that is used to present the consumer with the options that he or she will like. To achieve this when the user is interacting with various media services on the living-room TV, by computer, and by mobile phone requires a unique approach that we call next generation guidance. Vizimo's next generation guidance platform is built around a recommendations engine. Our recommendations technology also powers targeted, in-guide advertising that will allow you to create new revenue streams.

We can work with you to enhance your existing TV and video guidance by deploying our technology platform as part of your service; or we can offer a consulting service based on a successful track record of helping media companies understand the business opportunities associated with converging media and next-generation guidance.

"We are delighted to be partnering with Vizimo, and offering innovative products to users, customers and advertisers" - Tony Watson, MD The Press Association