What should your customers watch on TV?
As the notion of TV becomes more complicated, the need for intelligent guidance becomes more acute. Viewers can choose from a bewildering array of broadcast channels and are increasingly able to access high quality content on-line. It is no longer sufficient to offer viewers a simple listing of what's on.

Vizimo enables content to find relevant viewers. We are in the discovery business and our goal is to help viewers answer the 'what should I watch?' question.

Vizimo's approach to enabling next generation guidance revolves around a unique ability to understand the 'aboutness' of content. By understanding what a particular programme is about, Vizimo is able to identify similar programmes, profile content interests and dynamically compose personalised TV listings across any set of broadcast of on-demand content based on user profiles.

Our technology is offered as a hosted service that is easy to integrate and deliver. If you are in the business of delivering video entertainment content to end users, click here to request an initial consultation, whitepaper and demo.


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